A Short Tutorial on Website Submissions & Linking to your site

Submitting your site to the search engines is a pain, make no
mistake. But with a top twenty listing on Webcrawler alone
having the capability to bring 50 visitors a day to your pages
it’s a pain that is worth 먹튀.

There are a great number of search engines around, but only the
top 15 or so really generate serious traffic for most sites.
Many of the lesser
search engines are ‘meta search’ types, meaning they actually get
their results from the bigger engines anyway.

Of the main engines, there are two categories – Directory based,
and Spidered based.
The Directory based (which includes Yahoo, Looksmart and the Open
Directory Project) are generally added by hand. This means an
editor for the chosen category looks at your site and awards it a
position (or not) based on how he/she rated it.
The Spider index types, (including Lycos, Inktomi and AltaVista)
use robot browsers to check and index the sites based on
pre-programmed criteria.

In general, to get a good listing in the Directory engines means
you must impress the editor with the look, ease of navigation and
content of your site. Make sure your first page loads very
quickly (empty your browser cache before checking) as this is an
important factor. If your ‘front’ page doesn’t open within 10 –
15 seconds you will not get a high placement. If need be, create
a simple ‘Welcome’ page that opens quickly and use it as a front
door to your site with the more graphic laden pages with in it.

With Directory engines, if you have midis on your page be sure
you include an “off ” control. You will be penalized if not.
Don’t over do images or clutter – the editors read hundreds of
these sites a day and will be likely to have a lot in the queue
behind you. They want to judge your site rather than your taste
in art or cartoons and music selections.

Spider based engines are more predictable. Spiders scan your
pages looking for your keywords, count the number of times the
keyword occurs through out that page, and measure it against the
overall length of your text to calculate how relevant your site
is to the keyword.

Your keywords need to be set in the keywords meta tag, and should
also be included in your description, and to occur AT LEAST once
in the first 200 characters of text in your page. For this reason
it is wise to not try to target too many keywords on a single
page, try to pick simple word-pairs. Make sure you pick phrases
or words that you will repeat several times in the actual text of
your page and that they describe your site to a viewer not to a

For the same reasons of relevance to keywords, try to stick to
one specific topic per page. If you deal with two different
topics then you risk the chance of only 50% of the page being
deemed relevant to either topic.

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