Common SEO mistakes that startups should avoid!

SEO no doubt has become an integral part of any digital marketing strategy today. Contextual Backlinks Although Google Penguin update has sent some rumors about the end of the SEO era but there is nothing like that. Even after having a close inspection, it can be said that SEO still has the power to outrank other strategies.

The only thing that has been altered or changed is the rules of the game and the ways it’s being played.SEO can be a cutthroat for the startup town. One can not imagine traffic, leads and revenue at the first place without a proper SEO strategy.

I have worked with a variety of Vancouver companies basically the startups, that’s why I can say that SEO either explicitly or implicitly impacts your business visibility. Getting organic traffic from search engines is the highest ROI marketing activity a startup looks forward to but its payoff is always delayed.

Because of this delayed pay off many startup founders think either to do it later or to outsource the entire SEO to a third party agency. These two are the most common mistakes that almost every startup makes initially and here are more such problems when it comes to SEO. So just hold on and quickly go through the details one by one! Startup mistake #1: Hiring an SEO agency!

I personally won’t recommend any startup owner to hire an outside agency to handle your SEO. Since Startup products or services are often in flux, instead of hiring a whole new team for SEO spend some hours reading up on SEO basics for Startups. Remember your website is too much of an asset to risk in the hands of an SEO that won’t be honest with you. And you can not rely upon someone else other than your own self for the criticality of your long term success that highly depends upon SEO.

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