Dubai Shopping Festival History and Information

While any time is best to visit Dubai,Dubai Shopping Festival History and Information Articles nothing can compare the joy and happiness of being in this city during the Dubai Shopping Festival. You will lose yourself in the shopping, entertainment, food, art, fashion, and firework extravaganza the city holds during this time for a period of four weeks. In fact, DSF is the best time to go on a shopping spree and pocket attractive discounts on electronics, gold, jewelry, clothing, and other items at any high-end shopping malls and retail elf bar flavors. It’s an event where you can let your hair down at music concerts, rejoice in live shows, savour authentic Arabian foods, have a rendezvous with your favorite celebrity, update your fashion sense, and treat your eyes with magnificent firework displays. What’s more, if luck is on your side, you can even win raffles and bring home a brand new chic car. No wonder, Dubai Shopping Festival is an event the world waits for with a bated breath.

Dubai Shopping Festival History

The visionary leader, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the architect of this highly acclaimed event that has made the world go gaga over it. It was his vision for the event that went on to become a massive hit and turned into a global festival over the years. He started the event on 16th February 1996 and named it Dubai Shopping Festival that opens up the entire city to shoppers, leisure travellers, adventurous, thrill-seekers, and foodies. During the beginning years, the festival was organized just for a week. But owing to its popularity, it has been extended to four weeks.

The Dubai Shopping Festival was originally structured to improve Dubai’s retail trade industry. But to increase more footfalls and participation from major brands around the world, it was later advertised as a tourist attraction. Several international road shows were conducted in the Southeast Asian regions to garner attention of the public that fetched an overwhelming response and attracted 1.5 million people for the festival in its first year. This also made Dubai richer by 500 million dollars. With the growing popularity of the festival over the years, this figure also skyrocketed by many times. Clearly, what started as an attempt to boost UAE’s retail trade, later turned into a tourist attraction.T he festival has really transformed Dubai into a shopper’s paradise. The many shopping malls that have sprung up over the years are the results of the popularity of DSF.

The exponential rise of the Dubai Shopping Festival

DSF offers a never-to-miss opportunity to tourists for buying gold, jewelry, and electronic items at attractive prices. It also enables visitors to take pleasure in live shows by musicians, theatre artists, and street performers. Shopping and entertainment go hand in hand during the entire event. Not only shoppers earn a good deal, even the brands that participate in the festival also make a decent earning.

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