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Jayadev (Parveen Raj) is a young boy who heads to Bangkok for his graduate studies. He is admitted to a high school and there he developed a good friendship with his teacher Michel (Nagineedu).Seeing his mathematical intelligence,Player Telugu Movie Review Rating Articles Michael convinces Jai play a counting 안전 토토사이트 cards and win more money. Interested in the money factor, Jai follows Michael and earns a lot of money.As time passes, I’ve discovered a shocking truth about his father, who is related to the dangerous Michael. What is the truth? How to escape Jai Michel and take revenge on behalf of his father? Which forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points: –

The unique backdrop is the greatest asset of the film. It is quite rare for a Telugu film has a casino as the main backdrop. Moreover, the whole set up and how the different games played in the casino were presented is quite good. climax of the film was well managed.Young hero Raj Parveen did a decent job in the film. Nagineedu did a great job and is exceptional in both its roles of teacher and player. First half of the film is ok and has some interesting scenes starring the counting cards game.

Negative points: –

One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the routine story. If you ignore the interesting backdrop rest of the story and narration is quite systematic and predictable. As the film is based on a card game, more clarity should be given on his technique.None of the scenes in the second half to create an impact on the viewer. Although there are very few characters, no emotional connect between them. No working relationships on screen and fail to evoke the necessary emotions.The dubbing voice used for the hero’s bad enough. After a point, the film moves on the agenda at a single point and various other important factors are left out.

Technical aspects:-

camera work is very good and the credit must go to Suresh to present the film in a good light. The way he presented Bangkok, Hong Kong and also illuminated the casino set up with its amazing camera work is impressive. The music is pretty good, but the background score engagement lifts the film to a decent level.The film’s production values are decent. Coming to the Director Gnana Sagar, he does a decent job with the premise, but failed in the execution of the film with a gripping manner.


Overall, Casino has an interesting backdrop that is quite new to Telugu films. A correct first half and some interesting sensations are decent assets. But the film falls flat and turns into an average case below when a routine revenge drama is infused into the proceedings and said in a very predictable and tedious way.

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