Granada, a place for gourmet people

One of the most visited European countries is Spain. It is a country of pappy van winkle for sale: historical monuments lie next to modern buildings. Millions of people pass its frontier line every year,Granada, a place for gourmet people Articles wishing to spend the best vacation ever. Spain is part of the Iberian Peninsula along with Portugal, so it has many coasts, beaches and lagoons. Although it doesn’t have a seaside area, Granada is a wonderful holiday destination. It is a great city with a rich historical past; people come here to enjoy the special architecture, the shiny sun, and the cobbled streets and last but not least, the tasty tapas.

While travelling in Granada is good to know that everywhere you go for a drink, you will get some tapas for free. You don’t need to be a beer drinker, like in other places. You may choose a certain type of wine, juice, whisky or martini, as a fact is sure: the tapas are on the house. It became a sort of local custom, especially in the last 2 years; and, many types of such tapas appeared. The one made from olives, bread, cheese and calamari seems to be the most popular. However, there are also some other types of tapas, such as potatoes in garden mayonnaise, climes in wine and garlic sauce or croquettes. These tapas are far better than the little snacks available in other European countries: they are fresh and very tasty. The bars that offer such bonuses are very popular in Granada at any moment of the day; tourists come from all over Europe to enjoy the great climate in Granada, to have a good drink and to taste these popular Spanish tapas.

Friendly people

The inhabitants of Granada are all kind and friendly people. Whether you speak to some ordinary people or you meet a rich businessman, there is no difference; the warmth of the Latin people can be found everywhere. They receive their visitors in the best way possible; if you choose to visit this city and to go to some bars with free tapas, you’ll notice this fact: everybody is willing to help and to explain different things about local specialities and traditions to you. Don’t forget to buy some great souvenirs for the one you love; in Granada, there are numerous streets full of small stalls.

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