Types of Craft Beer You Really Need to Know

Craft Beer is traditionally made by small-scale breweries,Types of Craft Beer You Really Need to Know Articles usually consisting of a close knit team of family members or husband and wife, using hand picked natural buy pappy van winkle, to recipes unique only to them. Breweries making Craft Beer in London usually produce a very limited output per year, because the emphasis is more on quality and not quantity, unlike the mass-produced beers found these days. More often than not, these small breweries don’t usually concentrate on making high profits from their products, but are passionate about their business and about Craft Beer.

With so much beer around, so many different types and brands, how do you know that what you are drinking is truly Craft Beer? Many large-scale breweries label their products as Craft Beer in order to attract customers, but they are not really Craft Beer. Hence it is important to know how to find proper Craft Beer in London. Craft Beer manufacturers are those that are:

Small breweries – They produce a very limited quantity of Craft Beer per year.
Are independent – These breweries are independently owned and not part of any large brewing companies.
Use traditional methods – These brewers use traditional methods and ingredients, and no additives. Their recipes are unique to each brewery and has been honed through the years to come up with their own unique flavour and perfect brew.
Innovative – These small breweries are very innovative and have come up with their own unique styles creating their own twists to traditional methods for brewing beer.
Branding – You can usually spot Craft Beer because of their very graphic artistry and playful illustrations on their bottles and other merchandise.
There are different types of Craft Beer available, according to each beer lovers’ individual taste. These include –

India Pale Ale (IPA) – Typically a very bitter beer, Craft Beer has created the IPA’s to be fruity with just a hint of floral, citrus and pine accents. These types of beers can provide some complex flavours that has brought them back into popularity among beer lovers in the country.
Pale Ale – With a citrus, fruity flavour these beers of British origin are great for anyone for pairing with their favourite meal or dessert.
Amber and Red Ale – Something a little richer than Pale Ale, this Craft Beer comes in a reddish, earthy colour with a strong caramel taste.
Lager – Lagers provide a clear, crisp malt flavour and come in many different types. Lager is traditionally a bottom-fermented beer, and has become very popular among British beer drinkers, who used to prefer Ale as their drink of choice.
Pilsner – Pilsner is a light coloured, light bodied beer that offers a delicate malty sweetness. It is a distinct difference from the other more robust flavours of Craft Beer.
Porter – The Porter uses malted barley, and is of a dark brown or black colour. It offers chocolate, coffee and dark berry accents, and was a popular drink with 19th century street and river porters, giving it it’s unique name.
Saison – Saison was traditionally brewed by farmers during the winter as a hydrating drink for farm workers during the summer. It is low in alcohol content, offering unique yet complex flavours to Craft Beer lovers.
Sours – Sours offer a distinct flavour difference and unique experience. Sour brews are popular among wine and cider lovers.
Stout – Stout uses unmalted roasted barley and gives a very rich after flavour to your Craft Beer, with a strong bitterness and citrus effect to it. It is the ideal beer to pair with spicy food, roasted meats and indulgent desserts.
Wheat beers – Wheat beer uses huge quantities of wheat malt and is of a golden, hazy colour. It offers a fruity and spicy flavour with hints of banana, citrus fruits and cloves.
Craft Beer in London may not be available everywhere due to their limited production, but there are certain companies that offer delivery of authentic Craft Beer right to your door. All you need to do is search for Craft Beer near me on your smartphone and place your order.

Craft Beer is not only extremely flavourful and unique, but it is healthy too. So, the next time you want to relax and unwind after a stressful day of work, reach for a Craft Beer.

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