The dreamy radio control cars

How about opting for a Chinese radio model to fulfill your radio control cars dream? This is a model Chinese radio halfway between the Futaba 9C and 9Z,The dreamy radio control cars Articles it is more complete than those called FF9. Although we do not have a copy in hand, we have studied the manual, in some respects even better than the 9Z, including JR and Futaba compatible in both directions, this means that in addition to take advantage of all the material that we have we can mount any of the modules in 2.4 GHz Futaba compatible with the passage which we currently have 11, yes ONCE programmable mixers.

You may find tutorials but some only bring functions for radio control cars and planes but may lack of some specifics. Try to ask a professional! All this would not be of much interest unless you are a fan. In the manufacturer’s website you will find who distributes it. The radio must look good. Indeed, a good radio is compatible with Futaba, but bewares of the PCM system, it is proper, i.e. Futaba PCM receiver will not work with the module WFLY.

The modules are interchangeable, so yes that would work with a PCM Futaba module. Apart from the issue stage, radio control cars programs have two main components that we get that sophisticated mixing capabilities to PLS, the part we see is the user interface, that representation on the screen through menus and functions programming possibilities of our radio station, but there are some we might call the flight computer then sends the correct commands to the encoder to set the correct value for each per channel for each servo to the end.

Futaba in their last high-end models made clear that the user interface was Windows-CE but he used a proprietary operating system for the flight calculator. If the station be taken out of the interface and use a personal computer or even a PDA or a phone last generation, it could greatly ease the content of a radio station.

With a driving calculator technology, you could to load all the sophistication of radio control cars programming to the outside of the radio, with appropriate libraries and a standard programming language objects to extend the possibilities of radio features and infinite series.

An expert radio control person would need quality radio control cars basics, precise and sturdy handles, good link quality and strength and solidity to withstand hundreds of hours trying the different models.

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