Uses for Hydraulic Hose – Mining Products

Hydraulic hose are used in a number of industries including coal, tunnel building, petroleum related processes and welding. They allow liquids to be able to transfer at very high pressure safely and securely in hazardous environments. Hose are made from high quality rubber and are heavily insulated which increases their durability whilst being able to direct fluids in at consistent rates essential for the industries that they are being used in.

High Pressure Mining Hose Products

Hydraulic hose are ideal for mining particularly within those mines where fluid transfer is needed deep underground. Water used for the continual cooling of mining machine heads during long periods of time during the day and night needed to be transferred or pumped at high pressure to the coal face from the surface and out again.

This pressurised water not only acts as a reliable method of cooling machinery and the local area around the machinery but also acts as a cleaning process which ensured the mining machinery is working at its ultimate capacity by removed dirt and debris. Then this spent or dirty water is transferred back out of the mine by means of the same high pressure hydraulic hose used to pump it in. Obviously the water needs to return to the surface at the same rate as fresh cool water is pumped in to maintain a balance at all times otherwise the mine may flood rapidly.

Mining Hose Assembly

The hydraulic hose assembly used within mines is tailor made for the job with heat resistant coating being added to reduce damage from high pressure and heated water and other fluids from damaging the hose over time. The water being transferred out of the mine won’t be clean water as it will be full of debris from the mining machine and as such is capable of causing damage to the interior of the hydraulic hose. With this mind mining hose is specially designed to resist damage such as this and at high pressure too. The whole assembly including adaptors, hose inserts, ball valves and couplings are all vigorously tested within controlled high pressure environments to ensure that they all are able to withstand many years of use in industry.

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